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02 September 2015 @ 05:56 pm
Genres you will beta: Any except the ones listed below
Genres you won't beta: Incest, non-con/abuse painted as romantic, mpreg, RPF, shotacon
Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres): Sterek, Allydia, Petopher, polyamory always, and any others except the ones below
Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres): Pydia, Steter, Derek and Stiles with anyone else (endgame), Liam/Mason
Gen or Character studies you'd beta: All characters
Gen or Character studies you won't beta: As far as character studies go, Kate and Gerard
Beta strengths: grammar, spelling, characterization     
Beta Weaknesses: canon since s5, brit-pick
Length of the fics you'd beta: any! Just give me a heads up
Any other info: Theo is practically non-existent to me, so anything due to his character I'm pretty much oblivious about. I've betaed (you owe me) ten seconds and a little less 'pretty in pink' , other fandoms include: marvel, dc, some other comics publishers, the raven cycle, lots of YA (proxy, vicious, etc), harry potter, tmr
25 August 2015 @ 03:16 pm
Title:  Til I'm Too Old To Die Young
Genre: AU, slash, angst, humour, drama
Warnings: major character death, mentions of past rape, lots of swearing/sass/sarcasm
Pairings:  Stiles/Derek
Type of beta: spelling, grammar, punctuation, awkwardness (if you know a lot about lacrosse/dementia, that would be a plus but not something I'm expecting)
Length: multichapter, probably around 50k but still unsure (WIP) + a handful of added oneshots probably 1k-4k each.
Short Summary: Stiles has a rare form of blood disease that leaves him with less than a year to live. He keeps it a secret, joins lacrosse and tries to seduce Derek Hale. This is how he lives his senior year of high school, his last year of life.
Other notes: Stiles is going to die at the end. People are going to be hurt and betrayed when they find out. You are going to cry. This is based on the book Deadline by Chris Crutcher. The past rape is only mentioned midway and is in no way detailed, but there are two mentions one from victim and one from rapist (two different cases though). I'm still not sure if I'm going to detail Stiles/Derek sex scenes, so it'll probably end up depending on whether or not beta is comfortable with it. I have a cast list and some characters are switched around from canon (i.e. Scott is Stiles brother; Ms. McCall is his doctor)
First chapter already posted here.
17 May 2015 @ 08:57 pm
Title: Red Riding Hood
Genre: AU, Slash, Drama, Mystery,
Pairings or Characters: Derek/Stiles, Kate Argent, Victoria Argent, Chris Argent, Gerard Argent, Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore, Sheriff Stilinksi, Peter Hale
Type of beta: plot and character, as well as spelling and grammar
Length: Multi-Chaptered story estimated to be five chapters at roughly 20k each
Short Summary: Inspired by paquim's fanvid. Beacon Hills is supposed to be peaceful, it's supposed to be a pleasant change of pace after New York. Ever since they moved, Stiles has been trying to make the best of it: working in his uncle's bakery, making friends, keeping his grades up, but somehow he keeps finding trouble. His parents think it's because he's looking for it but Stiles suspects there's something else at work. Lately it feels as if his whole family is in on a secret they haven't shared with him, and if there is one thing that Stiles is unable to resist it's a good mystery.
01 February 2015 @ 01:58 pm
Title: [Working Title] Late Night Skittles Texts

Genre: Romance, primairly fluff (with references to angst, but very very minor.)

Pairings or Characters:Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinsky (aka Sciles, aka Skittles) Derek Hale and Melissa McCall have made minor appearences.

Type of beta you'd like: I need someone to check for OOCness. And I'm stuck on where this is going, so chatting about plot would be nice. I've also stopped watching TW around season 2 (school took over). So canon-checking would be a big bonus, but I'm pretty good at that myself, so it's not required.

Length: Short to medium

Short Summary: Stiles used to text Scott weird, stream-of-consiousness texts. He has since stopped, and looks like shit. Scott wants him to start again, so he starts to text Stiles.

Other Notes: No deadline, no rush.
01 January 2015 @ 11:15 pm
Title: Not decided yet
Genre: fluff, light angst, hurt/comfort, implied background het (Stiles/Malia is mentioned, but Malia doesn't appear)
Pairings or Characters: Scott & Stiles
Type of beta you'd like: Mainly grammar and spelling and someone who looks out for awkward phrasing, weird use of metaphors, stuff like that since I'm no native speaker. There's no deadline and no time pressure or anything. :)
Length: Ficlet, about 1.5 - 2k (I'm basically finished, but I'm still rewriting a few scenes)
Short Summary: Stiles comforts Scott after a nightmare (seriously, that's all, it's really short) - it's set at the beginning of s4 and it mentions the stuff happening in 3b.
27 October 2014 @ 06:13 am
Title:Passing Notes
Pairings or Characters: Scott/Stiles, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling/plot/canon/character voice, etc... I
Length: 5463 words
Short Summary: AU where the world found out about werewolves. After years of seperation, Scott and Stiles meet again at college (Scott centric)
25 October 2012 @ 08:58 am

Betas who wish to advertise should make a post in the following format:

Genres you will beta:
Genres you won't beta: (Action/Humor/Drama/Crossover/Fluff/Kidfic/Slash/Incest/Gen/Het/Threesome/Mpreg/Deathfic/PWP/Smut/BDSM/AU/RPS/None/Etc...)
Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres): Scott/Alison, Derek/Stiles, Erica/Boyd, Peter/Stiles, Peter/Lydia, Lydia/Jackson, etc or All
Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres): Scott/Alison, Derek/Stiles, Isaac/Erica/Boyd, Peter/Stiles, Peter/Lydia, Lydia/Jackson, etc or None
Gen or Character studies you'd beta: (Scott, Peter, Derek, Stiles, Laura, Kate, Gerard, etc or All...)
Gen or Character studies you won't beta: (Scott, Peter, Derek, Stiles, Laura, Kate, Gerard, etc or none...)
Beta strengths: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon/character voice, etc...)
Beta Weaknesses: (grammar/spelling/plot/canon/character voice, etc...)
Length of the fics you'd beta: (Drabble/Stand-Alone/Multi-chapter/Novel-length...)
Any other info: (squicks, whether available for fast and dirty beta, other fandoms, links to pieces you have beta'd (in any fandom)etc)

Betas, please remember to edit your posts when appropriate, eg if you are unavailable for a time, or temporarily too busy to take on longer works. Keep your info up-to-date. thank you.

Tags are available. Please use them!


All posts requesting a beta's help should be polite and provide as much information as possible:

(Action/Humor/Drama/Crossover/Fluff/Kidfic/Slash/Incest/Gen/Het/Threesome/Moresome/Mpreg/Deathfic/PWP/Smut/BDSM/AU/RPS etc)
Pairings or Characters:
Type of beta you'd like:
(grammar/spelling/plot/canon/character voice, etc...)
Length: (Drabble/Stand-alone/Multi-chapter/Novel-length... also include (estimated) number of words)
Short Summary:

If you’re not sure about something, or haven’t decided yet because it’s still a WIP, say so.

And remember, betas have as much choice in this as writers. Just because you think beta xxx looks perfect for you, that doesn't mean that they will think the same about you or your fic. Betas can and will say no, with or without providing a reason, so keep in mind that 'betas have real lives too'.

Please remember to check the poster's info to make sure they are compatible with you and your fic.

Tags are available. Please use them!

Please note that this is a beta-finding community, not a betaing community, so please do not post fic in the comm.

Thank you, and welcome!
Affiliates welcome! Please comment. Thanks!